I saw this as a recommendation and thought it might be interesting. Thankfully you cleared it up quickly within the first 30 seconds of the podcast. 'What do you expect when Sean Strickland is the co-main even?'.

I'm not even a fan of the guy (or his politics) but thankfully you made it clear quick you were just a noob with a mic confusing his personal feelings with journalism is pretty funny. It wasn't a super exciting fight. The fact that Costa on his backpedal and not engaging didn't factor into your "analysis" speaks to that. Just Strickland. Because you dont like him.

At least If you were upfront instead of claiming to "analyze combat sports" and just owned that it's your goofy noob take on the card might actually make it entertaining.

Shame because we need more indepedant MMA sources, not the ones that get free press passes and essentially act as the UFC's PR arm.

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"It wasn't a super exciting fight"

I'm glad you don't disagree with anything I actually said, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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